Prevent child sexual abuse through our programs

  • Prevent the occurrence of the problem
  • Decrease negative consequences
  • Reduce risk factors
  • Protective factors increase

Children are the present and the future

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Who is Jennie Barb?

Jennie Barb, psychologist, family therapist and promoter of children’s rights, is a fierce fighter against all types of violence against children and adolescents, particularly sexual abuse. With 30 years of work, she was the first person in Panama to talk about a hidden and taboo subject such as child sexual abuse. She has dedicated her professional life to breaking the silence in a society framed by a patriarchal culture that normalizes the sexualization of minors.

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Sola undertook her crusade for Panamanian children by educating and informing the community with academic sessions, lectures, conferences, books and symposiums and working on prevention from preschool through sixth grade of general basic education. Through her work, Jennie Barb has managed to convey the importance of asserting the rights of children and adolescents.

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